Education, sport and innovation

REMEDIA is a traditional supporter of patients associations, among which during 2021 we list:

  • Asociatia Daruieste Viata in the construction of the first National Children’s Hospital for Cancer, Serious Diseases and Trauma through the “shareholder certificate”
  • Help Autism Association for the treatment of children affected by autism
  • The Association of Cured Hospitals in supporting children with cancer through dedicated projects and activities;
  • Association Glasul Vietii – founded by the priest Dan Damaschin from Iasi, which is in charge of helping children from disadvantaged families, by providing clothes, shoes, school supplies, as well as organizing camps for these children
  • Pro Vita Association for the born and unborn, the largest “private” orphanage in Romania, Prahova county, through Priest Nicolae Tanase, for the upbringing and education of 480 children between 0-22 years of age through the care of families in the villages of Valea Plopului and Valea Screzii;
  • St. Francis Foundation by helping underprivileged children in its care at the St. Elizabeth’s Home in Orastie.

REMEDIA supports its own teams for participation in sports events such as running, marathon, cycling, football, etc

REMEDIA supports annually the “Cetate Deva” Sports Club and the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, sponsoring the gymnastics, aerobics and athletics teams, as well as the school performances by offering prizes to the students of the Cetate Deva National College and the Sabin Dragoi Theoretical High School.


REMEDIA promotes innovation by supporting: 

  • Silver Fox Sports Club Association through the purchase of electronic teaching material and robots.
  • Decebal Association – Decebal National College through materials to promote and support excellence in education, as well as the support of the robotics circle of the college.
  • Club Sportiv Sah Brasov by supporting the scholarships of the company’s staff athletes.


REMEDIA cultivates art both by supporting the international art symposia in the Retezat Massif organized annually, as well as hosting in FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna the exhibitions of picture, sculpture, visual art of Romanian artists.

The annual editions of the International Art Symposium from the Retezat Massif took place between July and August 2006-2018, together with students and professors of the Art University of Chisinau. Those present were able to admire the beauty of the works made by the participating painters!
These events also hosted the annual event “REMEDIA Days”, on which occasion Mr. Valentin Norbert TARUS, Chairman of the Board, awarded Diplomas of Excellence for dedication and consistency in achieving the performance standards within Farmaceutica REMEDIA SA to pharmacists Paula FLEISCHER, Eleonora IONESCU and Camelia CIURTIN.