Valentin Tarus wants to bring new investors to Farmaceutica Remedia

The businessman Valentin Tarus , the main distributor of drugs act Farmaceutica Remedia ( ticker symbol RMAH ), wants to attract new investors in the company, or to seek market opportunities achiziţjj merger or of some other companies or assets. Ziarul Financiar, 2015-07-09

The company has an annual turnover of about 240 million lei, ie the scholarship worth 28.3 million lei , being Cleat major shareholders , with a stake of 66 % , and German businessman Lutz Stache , by 16%.
Tarus, who became owner of Remedia after mass privatization process , has previously said he did not want to sell the company , but would be open to an increase of the share capital increase shares available for trading .
Farmaceutica Remedia holds a 2% share of the retail market of medicines and a national network of 90 own pharmacies and plan to reach a hundred pharmacies until next year.

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