REMEDIA is always with sports in Romania, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle


REMEDIA is always with sports in Romania, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
REMEDIA encourages physical activity and participation in competitions, so it supports the company’s representatives to participate in sports events.

The year 2019 was dedicated to bicycle competitions, and the REMEDIA Mountain Bike team, made up of the transport manager and 3 other colleagues, managers, participated in 3 events of this kind.
April began with Day B, the First Escape, a cycling marathon that has become for several years an event with the largest number of participants in Eastern Europe. 55 km of adrenaline, in a beautiful landscape, in which our colleagues participated, wearing T-shirts with the company logo and representing REMEDIA at this event.
In the fall followed 2 more events for the REMEDIA team, the first event, Haiduci si Domnite took place in a beautiful area, Chitorani (Prahova) and for our colleagues it was a unique experience, spiced with adrenaline and good cheer.
The second event of the autumn (and the last) was the Danube Marathon, an event where the routes delighted with beautiful views, painted in warm colors, offering a beautiful experience, with ascents and descents on the hills and vineyards in the region.
In order to further provide our colleagues the opportunity to participate in such events, 4 bicycles were purchased for them with a total value of approximately 7600 lei.
This year 2020, the first road with the new bicycles was made by our colleagues on Transfagarasan.
There will definitely be other sporting events in which the REMEDIA team will be present!”


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