Farmaceutica REMEDIA Celebrated 5 Years on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Farmaceutica REMEDIA ( symbol: RMAH) premises in Bucharest hosted, on April 16th, 2014, the second edition of “Business at Home”, celebrating 5 years of presence on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and over 20 years of activity in the pharmaceutical sector.

Representatives of investment and pension funds, brokers, journalists and also former contributors were among the attendees. Special guest was Mr. Ludwik SOBOLEWSKI, General Director of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The invitees took part in a presentation tour of Farmaceutica REMEDIA, having thus the opportunity to find out more on the logistic center in Bucharest and the company’s 3 Divisions – REMEDIA Pharmacies, Distribution and Hospitals. The tour was followed by a discussion on the financial results reported by the company for 2013, as well as a trend analysis regarding the Romanian  pharmaceutical market.

The 2014 edition of „Business at Home” ended with a short intervetion of Ioan NEMTOI on glass art, as well as a presentation held by Prof. Dr. Sorin RIGA – „How to protect yourself from stress”

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