REMEDIA hosts the meeting organized by the Capital Market Investors Club


Investors, financial analysts, journalists: Ovidiu Șerdean – investor and broker, moderator Mihai Sârbu – investor, Cristina Dinu – investor, Daniel Spătaru – investor, Alina Ebras – Banca Transilvania representative and investor, Claudiu Cazacu – investor, Maria Târlea – broker, Florin Țurcaș – financial analyst IFB Finvest, Monica Moț – financial analyst, Hannelore Petrovai – PressHub journalist, Andrei Iacomi – Bursa journalist. Farmaceutica REMEDIA representatives: Valentin-Norbert TARUS – President of the Board / General Director Elena Codrean – Financial Director, Zoe Chiriță – Investor Relations Director Florin Cadia – Investor Relations Specialist


The Capital Market Investors Club and IFB Finwest organized in collaboration with Farmaceutica REMEDIA, a meeting themed “Invest in the stock market, don’t play in the stock market!”
The meeting took place at the Deva headquarters of Farmaceutica REMEDIA, as part of the “Business at home” series of events.
During the meeting, held in a hybrid system, physically at REMEDIA’s headquarters in Deva and online on the ZOOM platform, the participants – members of the Capital Market Investors Club, analysts and journalists, had the opportunity to learn directly about REMEDIA, the company’s financial results in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, the company’s current activity and future plans.