Actions implemented to prevent / limit the spread of COVID-19 Romania

Actions implemented to prevent / limit the spread of COVID-19 Romania

Farmaceutica REMEDIA SA wishes to inform the shareholders regarding the measures taken so far in order to prevent the impact of COVID-19 on the current activity of the company.
Since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Romania, REMEDIA Pharmaceuticals has carefully monitored the evolution of the situation and implemented additional hygiene and disinfection measures, in accordance with the information and recommendations submitted by the competent authorities. Also, at the level of the Company, a Committee for Special Situations has been formed, responsible for monitoring the evolution of the situation, which will coordinate all activities and problems and will decide the implementation of new measures, if necessary.
The company has taken measures to prevent and reduce the effects of COVID 19 and by ensuring patient access to safe REMEDIA pharmacies (by using protective equipment, frequent cleaning of contact surfaces with disinfectants, strict access rules to comply with safety limits).
In this context, the Company will respect the shareholders’ right of access to relevant information regarding the company’s activities, including the possibility that the GMS may be affected by the spread of COVID-19, by posting documents of interest on the company’s website: information-shareholders / general-meeting-of-shareholders /, as well as by organizing TC.
We remind you that the shareholders can exercise their voting right by correspondence, as in the case of any general meeting of shareholders, as described in the convening notice.
During this period in which the normal development of the activity is affected by the spread of COVID-19, the Company continues to comply with its legal obligations to inform shareholders / investors about inside information.
All information will be made available to shareholders through the use of established communication channels (Official Gazette, the company’s website, widely circulated newspaper in the locality where the company is headquartered), avoiding the appearance of asymmetric access to inside information.
Additional information can be obtained by phone from the persons responsible for the relationship with investors: Adrian NOAGHI (+40 745 113 453), Florin CADIA (+40 745 962 413), or by email at

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