Why is Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. hurry to grow until 2015?

Internet sales, expanding network pharmacies, including in rural areas and diversification of products are three priorities Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. for the next two years, writes Adevarul in its online edition of 14.02.2013. Company listed on BSE and made public its preliminary financial results for 2012 and also announced medium-term development directions.

Last year, Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. (RMAH) launched an online trading platform, complementary physical network pharmacies. Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. has 72 pharmacies, which generated 40% of group’s total sales in 2012, amounting to 53 million euros. The online is a small part of turnover, but the growth rate of this segment is encouraging.

Read more in Adevarul.

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