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Valentin-Norbert TARUS – President of the Board

Established in 1991 and listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996, Farmaceutica Remedia is a major player in the healthcare sector, where it specializes in distribution, integrated sales, marketing and promotion. The company employs 600 people and operates a network of around 100 pharmacies, offering a wide portfolio of medicines but also food supplements, dermo-cosmetics and patient services. President of the Board Valentin-Norbert Tarus, who is the main shareholder, explains where the industry is heading and his vision for the company in this new scenario.

As the main person behind the impressive growth of Farmaceutica Remedia, how did you manage to establish and build such a presence in the Romanian market?

The most important thing of all in business development is to have a vision, a dream. Our ancestors came to Romania from Germany to build a life for themselves; they were given land and they managed to build a stable life for themselves, working in agriculture and forestry. But in 1944, with the regime change and the loss of territory, they lost everything in a dramatic turn of events that affected my own family as well. In December 1989 there was another regime change, where I participated in the demonstrations where I was consequently shot by one of the soldiers and ended up with a bullet in my hand and one in my lung. Even though I am listed as a hero of the revolution, I have never made a claim against the army or took any of the privileges offered to people on that list. In my eyes, the soldier who shot at me was probably more confused with the events at that time than I was. This is to me a part of history that we simply have to accept as it happened. In the beginning of 1990, I was sent to a hospital in Vienna for further treatments, which is where I decided to establish my own business, Tarus & Partner Keg., specializing in the distribution, import, export, consulting and marketing of pharmaceutical products. One day a colleague approached me from the pharmaceutical industry that needed help with a presentation for a conference. At that time, Romania’s per capita GDP was the lowest in Europe, the country had no foreign debts with a large population of 22 million, so there was a good opportunity for growth. I spoke at this conference, and many pharmaceutical companies came to me and enquired if I could not help them setting up their business in Romania. I ended up working with numerous Austrian and also German companies, supporting them in establishing a presence in Romania.


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