BD Rowa Robot inauguration event 22.10.2021

REMEDIA in partnership with BD Rowa open a new business line delivering robots to pharmacies.

The company launched the first Smart Robot installed at REMEDIA pharmacy in Bucharest, Bd. Metalurgiei nr.78, sector 4 and expects to equip at least ten pharmacies with similar solutions in 2022.

Valentin-Norbert TARUS, General Director of REMEDIA, by the occasion of the inauguration on 22 October 2021, declared:
“This is the direction we are heading towards – digitalization, robotization and safety…It is the first such robot in the country. A new era in pharmacy development is starting and I am convinced that soon many pharmacies will have such solutions.

With 11,000 robots installed in 55 countries, BD Rowa is currently the world leader in automated solutions for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company has a 60-65% market share globally.” said Mr Valentin TARUS.
It is a commercial partnership. We buy these robots and sell them on our own behalf. REMEDIA also provides service…

BD Rowa has developed the most efficient service system on the market, in which the customer does not have to take care of the spare parts or technicians, but only has a phone number to call and a time limit the intervention is ensured online or directly, to repair any defects that may occur very rarely.

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